Industry Business Event
Pori, Finland


We have compiled the information about MatchINDUSTRY Event for you which can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ). Here you’ll find the event’s programme, tips for attending and some other useful information about MatchINDUSTRY Event.

If you need more information, please contact:

Mikko Kotiranta, Prizztech Oy
+358 44 710 5451 | mikko.kotiranta@prizz.fi

Sami Leppimäki, Prizztech Oy
+358 44 710 5344 | sami.leppimaki@prizz.fi


The program of the 2019 MatchINDUSTRY Event

10.00-12.00 MI19 Industry Seminar & Panel Discussion

12.30-18.00 MI19 Business Event: Business Meetings & Networking

18.00- MI19 Cocktails & After Party

The event venue is the new SAMK Campus Pori located in the city centre of Pori. The Agora hall in the centre of the campus and Atrium lobby full of light are suitable for international conferences and national seminars. The SAMK Campus is easy to reach using either your own car or public transport. It is located right next to the travel centre (railway station and bus station). There is free parking in the SAMK Campus parking area. Pori’s hotels and many other services are only a short walk away.

The street address of the SAMK Campus is Satakunnankatu 23, 28130 Pori.

Navigator destination: City: Pori; Street: Karjalankatu 4.

MatchINDUSTRY with it’s distinctive format is an effective contact and meeting event which will open new business opportunities to companies.

Operational model developed in over 10 years time guarantees thousands of business opportunities to participants.

MatchINDUSTRY is not a fair, but a business event. Every year 20-30 leading companies operating in global industries are invited to join the event as a main partner.